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Calcium Phosphate General Information

Calcium Phosphate:

ADJU-PHOS Calcium phosphate ADJUVANT is a sterilized wet gel suspension which has been sterilized by gamma-irradiation in the final container. It tolerates autoclavation, but is destroyed if frozen. When the pH is maintained at 6-8, which is normal during vaccine production, calcium phosphate particles have a negative electrical charge so they readily adsorb positively charged antigens (e.g. proteins with alkaline isoelectric points at neutral pH).

Calcium phosphate ADJUVANT was originally developed by professor Edgar H. Relyveldat the Pasteur Institute in France. In 1986 Brenntag Biosector entered a license agreement with Institut Pasteur enabling us to produce and sell this ADJUVANT which has been part of our product range ever since then. The calcium phosphate ADJUVANT is available in an aqueous suspension in 0.9% saline (NaCl). The product is supplied in 1000 ml PE-bottles only.

Calcium phosphate, as a mineral, is a natural constituent of the body. It is well tolerated in all respects. In addition to its use in human prophylactic vaccines it is particularly well suited for use in hyposensitization of allergic patients using adsorbed allergen immuno-therapy, where numerous injections are administered over a short time-span.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): Please request the current MSDS for CALCIUM PHOSPHATE ADJUVANT and it will be immediately emailed.