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Calcium Phosphate Specification

Product Specification

About pyrogenicity testing:

The pyrogenicity test on the liquid phase of the product  is carried out after centrifugation according to the EP 2.6.8 (i.v. injection into the ear veins of rabbits and measurement of rectal temperature).The reason for not injecting the whole suspension of calcium phosphate ADJUVANT particles i.v. is that injection of particles intravenously may cause lung embolism in the animal.


Brenntag Biosector / E.M. SERGEANT guarantees the specifications above under the liability specified in the company’s "General Conditions of Sale and Delivery". However, individual customers may have internal specifications and/or acceptance limits or specifications which may include additional quality parameters reflecting their particular application of the product. Brenntag Biosector / E.M. SERGEANT does not accept liability for any such additional parameter, nor guarantees any compliance with such, unless previously explicitly agreed in writing between the parties. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to test the product for any such parameter that goes beyond the standard specifications of Brenntag Biosector / E.M. SERGEANT before adding the ADJUVANT to their vaccine.