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Why Use Adjuvants

ADJUVANTS are used in vaccine production to stimulate the immune system to raise an early, a long-lasting and an efficient immune response to the vaccine and thereby increase vaccine efficacy and provide a high degree of protection against the disease you wish to vaccinate against.

By using ADJUVANTS you may reach the same level of immune protection using fewer injections than when vaccinating with the non-ADJUVANTed antigen alone. This is essential in many relations. In developing countries with long geographical distances between the vaccinating physician and the population it saves valuable resources if protection can be achieved using two injections instead of three. In case you are vaccinating cattle that you have to bring in from the pampas, or other animals being kept in the open over large distances, just the resources needed for bringing the animals in for a second vaccination may be cost prohibitive.

In case the production of the vaccine antigens themselves is a cost essential factor, the use of ADJUVANTS may offer the opportunity of reducing the antigen content in the vaccine without decreasing the vaccine efficacy – if compared to non-ADJUVANTed vaccine preparations.

When vaccinating e.g. breeding animals eliciting a high immune response in the mother animal may help the survival of the off-springs, as they receive maternal antibodies from weaning, at a time when their own immune response is not yet fully developed.